If the post-death rites of those who have had an unnatural death or have committed suicide have not been done, and as a result, they continue to remain in the corpse state, then the subtle-body does not gain momentum and consequently it keeps wandering. Such a subtle-body prevents procreation in its descendants and also torments them in some way or the other. To provide momentum to such a subtle-body, the rite of Narayanbali should be performed.

In practice, Narayan Nagbali Poojan comprises of two separate rituals. Narayan Bali is said to enable a person get rid of an ancestral curse, which is also called as Pitru Dosha while Nag Bali is a way that enables a person to get rid of sin by killing a snake (a cobra made from wheat dough). By having Narayan Bali Pooja performed, one can satisfy the unfulfilled worldly desires of the deceased souls, which could be bothering the progeny or relatives. Narayan Bali Poojan is similar to a funeral wherein an artificial body of wheat flour is used. By use of Mantras, souls that have desires remaining in this world are invoked. With the rituals, they are able to possess the body made using wheat flour and the funeral liberates them to the other world. Similarly, Nag Bali allows the deceased to get rid of their sins. By having the Narayan Nagbali Poojan performed,Narayabali and is one of the main Rituals Performed in Gaya ji Dham..Which Describe Various Religions Rites.

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