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I am Priest (Purohit) In Gaya. Pind Daan is Performed at 45 Places (Vedi), Its Claasified the Different Different Places In Gaya Ji To Complete the Pind Daan ,Pitrdosh Puja,Sita kund, Pretshilla Vedi, Fhalgu river, Narayanbali Puja,Tripindi Puja,Kaalsharp Puja,Etc. Gaya ji Pind Daan is Famous in all Over World Doing the Best Pind Daan Moksh After The Death and Its Help Me to Pitradosh Nivaran,Kaalsharp Dosh Nivaran, Etc…..Also Helps in Peace of The Soal. This incident transformed Gayasur into the series of rocky hills that make up the landscape of the Gaya city.It is a legend that lord Vishnu promise to demon Gayasur that this city will be popular by the name of Great Demon Gaya sur. And who will perform shraddha (pinnddan) ceremonies on the foot print of lord Vishnu there ancestors will go to heaven and moksha.
Gaya is situated on the banks of Phagu river-known as Niranjana river in Bodhgaya. It is an ancient city , about 10 kilometes from Bodhgaya, famous for the VishnuPad temple , believed to have the impression of the foot -pad means foot- , embedded inside the temple.
The Vishnu Pad temormed rituals.ple is one of the most attractive and scared of the all the vaisnava and traditional Vishnu temple. This is stand on the famous mythology or story of killing domen Gayasur and leaving a mark of the footprint of lord Vishnu on the rock.